Ranch Conformation

Conformation is based on the structural correctness, balance and functional ability of the horse. The horse's form, meaning its' structural correctness and balance, combined with function, meaning its' performance in the cutting, riding, working cow and trail classes, establishes the Ranch Conformation score. We call this "Form to Function".

Horses will walk to the judge one at a time, stop, and setup. The judge will look at your horse from many angles. Bear in mind that setting up and presenting your horse properly can add a great deal of appeal. Know your horses assets and liabilities and work with them the best you can. You will then trot off to a cone, turn left and continue trotting toward the wall or fence of the arena. You will then form a line of head to tail. If you need additional instruction on preparing for this class, be sure to request this at a NVRHA clinic that you attend.

See the NVRHA's score sheets for all 5 classes for the scoring system. The pluses and minuses as well as minor and major penalties are clearly described. For further information on this category, refer to our current Rules & Regulations, or, contact us for any clarification of this event.